This isn’t about wolves, but I felt an ‘animal-a-boo’ vibe from this all. It was just up for discussion and i was confused about EAZA but also had an opinion [ oh no. ], but the guy decided to pretty much ignore everything I said and blocked me [ deleting all my messages as well and preventing comments.] .

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Questionpst, if you didn't delete it, try now? Answer

Still isn’t working. Probably the wrong URL. Just submit the right url in full and I’ll hyperlink it for you.

Mod Z


i hope this is okay to post

you shouldnt need to be told this but,wolves and dragons are awsome and better than all of us!!!

laughs uncontrollably

Anonymous Asked
QuestionIt's official, I am an elephantoboo and a sharkaboo sAVE THE GODDAMN ELEPHANTS AND SHARKS elephants and their cute little stompy feet need to stay Answer


Though that doesn’t make you a -boo for them, so you’re in luck! Just that you really love em without it being creepy.

-Mod Z

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QuestionOh look, wolves are actually endangered in Norway. Goddamnit, will the wolfaboos look at a place other than America for once? Answer

Just ask them about Sweden.

-Mod Z

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QuestionIf only wolfaboos could focus on legitimately endangered animals. But then they wouldn't be wolfas. Or boos. Answer


-Mod Z