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Questionwhat ARE wolfaboos? Answer

Wolf·a·boo [wolf-uh-boo] (n.)

1. Derived from the term Weeaboo (referring to a person overly obsessed with japan.) A Wolfaboo: ”A person overly obsessed with wolves; one who equates a human life to that of a wolf; someone who defends and or glorifies wolves killing humans; Deems a wolf’s live superior to a humans. Often misspelling the plural of wolf as ‘wolfs’; Often, will make up lies and propaganda to defend wolves; most of the lies do not hold true when put to actual research.”

see: Ignorant, Stubborn, Brainwashed, Liar, Foolish 


Sorry I’m not terribly active on here. To be honest, I kind of forget it exists until I get an ask for it, but perhaps I’ll look for more wolfaboo stuff here soon and queue it up.

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QuestionI'm one of those peeps that happens to own an ~actual~ wolfdog. You would not BELIEVE the shit I hear from wolfaboos. Everything from "omg im gunna steel ur dog!!111! i mean wulf!!11!!" to "HOW DARE YOU HOLD CAPTIVE ONE OF MY WOLF-SISTERS" like these people have issues help me jesus mary and josef's left testicle Answer

Oh god. How do you manage?

Fun fact: I one time made a poke at teen werewolves on Instagram by taking a snapshot of a tag and posting the screenshot on Tumblr, and one of them posted about my post back on IG and then I actually got EIGHT people on Instagram who went and started harassing the shit out of me.

Not a good day.

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QuestionOh trust me ik they are, I have to deal with them almost on a daily. Lol biggest pain in the ass ever. Answer

Oh my god I’m so sorry.
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QuestionSo, I saw a post about Everwood from awhile back and got a good laugh. Thank you so much for that! It's greatly appreciated cause I really needed it lol Answer

They’re still on the prowl too (get it), but no problem!! Glad to entertain. C:
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QuestionDogs are not descended from wolves, they have a common ancestor which they both evolved from. It's evolution, that's taught in school. Answer

I know jack about this stuff, so followers, opinions?

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The wolfaboo furry strikes again.

Boycott animal planet, they have no fucking clue what they’re talking about!

//end sarcasm//
Oh god, yeah a friend of mine told me about this. I mean, let’s forget all about shark week and how it demonizes sharks, or those man-eating tiger shows or whatever. Yeah because FUCK EVERYTHING BUT WOOFS.
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The wolfaboo furry strikes again.

Boycott animal planet, they have no fucking clue what they’re talking about!

//end sarcasm//

Oh god, yeah a friend of mine told me about this. I mean, let’s forget all about shark week and how it demonizes sharks, or those man-eating tiger shows or whatever. Yeah because FUCK EVERYTHING BUT WOOFS.

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(super long post warning)

this place is a spawning ground for wolfaboos

some examples of wolfaboo text:

I was just wondering-why all of the sudden hate on wolves? Suddenly they are “just another animal” and there are many oekakis trying to convince people that wolves are not the beautiful, intelligent creatures they are.

I had drawn a pencil sketch of a wolf. I traced part of the head on my tablet.

I used:the airbrush tool, smudge and pencil”

No one hates the wolves!They are just another animal but are lovly,no ones convincing anything people are just pointing out that wolves get so much attention and the other animals are sometimes left out.”

I agree and thank you for posting this,the problem is the herd mentalitiy some people have where one person says something and they follow. however as i LIVE with my wolf friend rydag its impossable for me to say he is anything less than an equal.. and as for hunters..i dont belive hunters are bad people. but there is a differance between hunting and murder and what happens to these packs when tyhe so called “hunting ” happens is just that . as far as im concerned real hunting is a game of deadly hide and seek,espesally with wolves , shooting whole packs from low flying aircraft can never be hunting .and your art is so expressive ..i love it.”

Uh hu I agree! I mean me I tend to give people alout of chance so hunters I try to see the side they use to survive,why they do it,what’s the good in it?because theire not evil thiere just humans,what happened to murderes you don’t count that as bad but you count hunters? Anyways ironicaly the wolf is the national animal for my countary,the people don’t say jut because “Oh it’s beatifull!” I mean really if they did that with other people judging them by thiere looks we wouldn’t know what they liked! It’s the countarys animal because even if it gets hit it stands up,and doesn’t fite back unless it needs to,it protects and keeps it’s head held up high,but guys think about this if you’r saying Wolfs are oh so smart and beautifull what does that make the others ugly and stupid?animals have survived for a long time,yu always here some and almost never here of the others. A wolf could kill you in a heartbeat,or protect you with loyalty and u’r welcome.”

Wolves are beautiful, magestic Creatures. People shouldn’t be so cruel to a wolf for looking like a viscious animal. Wolvesonly attack to protect themselves, just like us Humans would. I personally think that Wolves shouldn’t be the target of hunters’ Arrows. (Some people shoot wolves for their pelt. Just in case you didnt know.) Wolves are amazing. Wolves are out there to be beautiful and admired. Not to be hurt or to be scared of. Every creature on Earth is put there to be admired and not to hurt us.
Please do NOT hurt wolves or be frightened of the creatures. c:
- <3 ~Smile Dog~ :mrgreen: 8-) ;)

some of the shit they upload to the oekaki (none of it belongs to me)

(image description)

"no shooting these poor animals! thier just animals! they r hunting our livestock to survive! if you dnt like it…dont kill thm! just move thm to a reserved area, right?! :evil: i hate wolf hunters! at my moms work i saw a newpaper on a table and i saw a wolf on the front cover, the caption read : Government Allows Wolf Hunting With Dogs: or something like tht! i say its just not right! how would you like it if you wer a wolf being hunted? just suddenly you hear dogs barking then, suddenly, you black out after hearing a big bang!
its just not right people…who agrees with me?”

some of MY old shit (my wolfaboo phase lol)

some more gems from the wolf roleplays

❝My name is Shadow. I live the life of loner. I have yet found what lovemeans. Love has no meaning to me. I have no friends, not even someone to talk to. Enemies. That’s really all I have right now. You see, I seem to have trouble making new friends, everyone I see, in my eyes, is an enemy. And for some reason I just can’t get that out of my head. I started to be so suspicious of everyone a while ago, ever since my father changed my life. I thought I had trusted him. I was wrong. I guess since then Ihaven’t been able to trust anyone, really. That’s why I've never bother to join a pack. Sometimes it's quite peaceful to be alone, instead of in a pack, and sometimes it's lonely. But I've learned how live with loneliness.❞

Trust no one. 

Name; Maximus
Age; Six years
Gender; Brute
Pack; None
Rank; Loner
Personality; If Maximus were to be described in one word it would be loyal, unwaveringly so. Maximus values honesty, trustworthiness, bravery, strength, and honor. All of those qualities, when rolled together, basically form loyalty. However, Maximus isn’t perfect, he has his faults. The largest one being that you have to earn his lots fly and trust. And until you do, his heart is cold towards you. Cold and uncaring. But if you earn his trust, and maybe his love, then it is an entirely different story.
History; Maximus doesn’t talk much, but maybe he’ll tell you someday.
Kin; None are alive.
Crush; Maximus has more serious things to think about than love.
Mate; None.
Seeks in a mate; Maximus is not actively seeking a mate, but he would want her to have the same qualities as him. Honesty, bravery, honor, and most of all, loyalty.
Weaknesses; Maximus can be cold and unfriendly. But his physical weakness is water, he’s a horrible swimmer. Actually, I take that back, he doesn’t qualify as a swimmer.
Strengths; Maximus is a good hunter, but his real talent is fighting. He is good at it. A natural, yes, but it’s more than that. It’s him having dedicated hours of his life to learning his to defend himself and his pack. But all that practice didn’t help to stop bullets… But all that practice will help in other ways, for if there is one thing Maximus can always count on it’s his physical prowess.

this website

fucking wolfaboo breeding ground


Just wanted to say I do have an account on there. I just do NOT go into those places on the site because I know how wolfaboo-y it can be. I mean it’s a growing pet adoption site where children under 13 can join. It’s gonna be full of childish stuff. Haha.

-Mod Z

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QuestionAlthough the Javan rhino used to be the most widespread Asian rhino there is now only one population of about 40 know to exist in the wild and this is in a National Park on the western tip of Java. It is possibly the rarest large mammal on earth. The decline of the population is due to poaching for the animals horns which fetch a high price in China as they are used in traditional Chinese medicine. (cont.) Answer

The Javan rhino do not do well in captivity and there are no known Javan rhino on exhibit at zoos today. ” FORGET THE WOLVES. SAVE THE JAVAN RHINO

Honestly, I don’t know what this is for. I just found it. Screams “wolfaboo”.